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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Ree Cahira - Recovery Warrior

Catch-up March 2019-Now

So, things were sooo hectic since March, but since we're done I'll try to catch you up in bullet form...

  •  We finally got moved and finished it all by Saint Patrick's Day
  • We moved back to the apartments I used to live in from 2011-2015....
  • We had to catch up the cats' shots
  • The cats both feel more at home here than the other place, and they've gotten quite comfotable
  • My roommate and I are grateful for the build of the place and also to not be dealing with Aric
  • We both have been keeping the place clean for the most part
  • I'm sloooowly unpacking and sorting through my junk with her help
  • I just hit 1 year and 9 months 4 days ago when it comes with my selfharm recovery
  • I haven't smoked for 1 month and 2 weeks.
  • I've been trying to keep up with my dailyaudiobible but I fell 5 days behind once again.
  • I reach level 120 on Habitica with keeping up with my life goals
  • Been lifting weights, walking, and exercising more often lately, but been falling behind the past few days here too
  • Been tracing back on my old poetry and sharing them as throwbacks
  • Enjoying Habitica, Gaiaonline, and ZEPETO (new avatar maker),lately
  • Making a mixed playlist of my favourite songs too.
  • Joining plenty of Christian furry groups and making new friends as well

Researching Faith, Recovering, and Ree-chan...Huzzah!

Like the video says.... My fursona('s)/daughter, Ree's Bday is on the 23rd! She is now a year old! But who is she? Well, she is a parable manifested as a fursona.... in other words, her very story and existence has a meaning that is very attuned to my life and recovery as I grow. She is a Dragonic Gryphon (in other words her father is a dragon and her mother is a gryphon, "but I'm okay with that" ;) notice the VeggieTales reference? lolz!). Her full name is Recovery Cahira Aarin Donnhaidgh. Her middle name meaning "warrior" so that along with her first name it said "Recovery Warrior" hehe! Aarin is my main fursona's last name (Misty Aarin was meant to form M. Aari[n] to spell out the pronunciation of my penname "Mari") and Donnhaidgh was her father's last name (and a Scottish clan I was adopted into).... And like her father, she can shapeshift as she is shifter dragonic gryphon heh...

Since I hit my 1 yr and 9 month mark already that's why her bday is coming.... I created her on my 9 month mark. in 3 months I will hit my 2 year mark! I'm so proud of myself in this but atm I'm building Ree as a character based on my current progress and future atm that means just writing her bio and drawin her but soon I'll make a fantasy-based fictional diary/journal of her journeys and life on my wattpad.

Luceo Non Uro,

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