The is the log and news update of the recovery and day-to-day life of Ari Schaffer as she grows mentally and spiritually in Christ. ragamuffin: 1) a ragged, disreputable person; tatterdemalion. 2) a child in ragged, ill-fitting, dirty clothes.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Continuing The Ragamuffin Warrior Tribune here....


The Ragamuffin Warrior Tribune began on my main Instagram. But, I wished to continue it on here from the 260th day of 2018... So here we are! :)

Day 260 of 365: Year 2018

September 17th, 2018

So the hurricane is passed, and I'm safe. The good news the hurricane was a kick-starter to me taking my recovery seriously again. So, during that time, I cleaned like crazy to cope with my anxiety and like said on Instagram, I started using Habitica and taking on multiple challenges and it led to me looking up my Body-focused Repetitive Behaviours (BFRB) and focusing all my energy on my habit of picking. Trying anything I could, I tended to my sores each time I picked at it and worked hard towards using healthier sensation habits. I continued to struggle with it, however.

Otherwise, I began to decorate my private and public computer area. In my bedroom, where I have my private computer area, I put up an area on my wall for me to have my Story ideas and Recovery Plans/Reminders. And in my public area, I decorated with art from me and my father. Afterward I began drawing for my "Recovery Cahira" Project, where I characterize my recover as a child. Combining my hobbies in art, furries, storywriting and gryphons.

Throughout the day, I watched my favourite TV shows, BBC's Merlin and my new favourite, The Dragon Prince. I still continued to have high levels of stress and anxiety until Sunday afternoon, when the hurricane threat was over. And I stayed up until 10 am Monday. But that's alright, as nightime is my time to shine in all my creativity. But, I then woke up at 7 pm. 

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