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Monday, February 11, 2019

December 2018 - February 2019: We Cont;nue

 This is randomized and somewhat out of order, but it shows highlights of Dec. 2018 and New Years 2019

 Walt Disney World 2018 and Catsitter, Me

Christmas was fun-ish and a I catsat my folks for Christmas while they went to Disney World! Sebastian was tons of work, feeding him and giving him some playtime and cuddles... which brought out some weird moodswings on his end. He growled, purred, cuddled closer, then scratched me, growled and cuddled some more... it was weird... Before they left, they gave me Incredibles 2 and a Disney Christmas ornament. After they came back, they brought the best rice crispy treats ever (dipped in marshmallow and chocolate!) and a really awesome Inside Out pin! I got an old Disney World pin from our 2004 visit back... It had been with mum all this time... haha!

My mental health was iffy during such time. I wasn't getting along with my brother and roommate at that time and I needed space as while so this escape was well needed. Catsitting Sebastian was just as much a Christmas gift to me as it was for my parents. Going back to my house was tough, however. I faced my roommate and made amends at some point around then and then prepped for our move. At the time, we were hoping to get out in February 3rd... (which didn't end up that way save for Aric moving out on time)

2019: As Warr;ors, We Cont;nue

The Move: A Spiritual and Physical Readjustment

So a lot has been changing here... Other than moving soon (now we have until March 3rd...) I have been recovering slowly and also taking up mentoring others in their recovery and helping my roommate with her own faith. Furthermore, I made one last confrontation to my former pastor at Merge. Once I said what was needed, and I was dismissed, I was able to let it go. Yet, it's more of an apathetic way, at this time. But I've not been burdened anymore, after expressing myself. 

I've also been listening to my Daily Audio Bible each day and listening to political and theological speeches a lot lately. Maintaining a peaceful attitude after this. Meanwhile, also keeping up on psychological speeches as well. Not to mention been steadily picking up the habit of updating LIGHTforMI quite regularly with coping skills and apps/sites that have proven beneficial in both mine and others' recovery. And starting up a chat group on Discord after being kicked out of yet another Christian group, but this time because I am a furry.

Sooo... I've thought if I can join a group that is accepting of both Christian furries and mentally ill Christians... then I'll make one heh... so far, my goal is to get 50 members in it and so far, no such luck. Anyhoo... I'll keep trying, slowly... maybe aim for 5 right now. I've also started making new blogs as well... Ye Ragamuffin and Warrior Tavern, Inklings & Cosplays of a Gaelic Child. And buying memberships for 4thewords (here's my profile), World Anvil, and deviantart (which ended heh...)

Creative Fun, Fun, Fun!

So a little ways back, I did a commission for a friend who offered $30/hr for me to make him a book cover. I ended up earning $75 for the job and since then, focused on working on graphics more often. Editing a few blog templates and making FB covers and profile pictures. It's been therapeutic as I've been doing that and packing up.

Moreover, I've been paying for some memberships as said before... It's been keeping up my creative flow while I've been stressing. Coping with several things has proven helpful for me as well as gaining inspirations from shows like Steven Universe, iZombie, The Dragon Prince, and other shows...


So, lately, as the New Years' come and gone I've been rather nostalgic. Been throwing back whenever I wanted to 10 years ago, and going through my mum's old family photo folder and posting them up. As well as throwing back to my old art... You'll see some highlighted in the video above!

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