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Thursday, February 14, 2019

I need Yeshua as much in the good times as I do in the bad... perhaps more, lest I fall

Milestones, Recovery, & Celebration

Welp, I have finally hit my 1 & 1/2-Year Mark since my last relapse in selfharm! And in the meantime, I am having to go cold turkey on cigarettes again as I was stuck in the habit of smoking again... And I am taking my addiction of pornography seriously and working hard towards changing my coping skills to spiritually and mentally healthier alternatives.

As of 4:47am, I've reached the following markers....
  • 🚫no selfharm: 1 1/2 year 
  • 🚫❌no porn: 87hrs
  • 🚭no smoking: 21hrs 
So far there has been a lot to celebrate. I've made it through the trials of my faith, recovery, etc. quite successfully. And I've been truly blessed with a for of stability and calm... however, I've learned that only God could've gotten this far. Maturing in my faith and recovery has made it possible to mentor even in my harder times...I've also come to realize that I need Yeshua as much in the quiet and good times as I do in the trials... perhaps even moreso.


On This Day...

  • 2018 (A Year Ago...) - My brother, roommate and I start settling into our new apart at this time. As I make at least the living room a place to enjoy company. The cats were so darn relieved to finally get out of my parents' place as we had 9 mammals (3 cats & 6 people) in our small house. We were so crammed it made things very stressful for my folks and our cats... So finally seeing them comfortable and calm was such a beautiful thing!

  • 2017 (2 Years Ago) - When I lived with my folks, after we had moved from our old home to the one they're living in now... they started building a school where we used to live... I felt really depressed too but otherwise we were preparing to move while I did PTI in order to clear my name of my shoplifting... which I truly regret.

Art Improvement

Lately, I have been going through many a memory due to nostalgia. And have truly found improvement in my art. These are a few selfie arts!



So I updated my style of recovery logs in a way that will also keep track of many more aspects including tracking my eating disorder, feelings, urges, thoughts, moon phases, and weather!

Meteorology, Astronomy & Psychology

So, one of my science projects was to prove that the moon phases affect not only bodies of water such as waves and currents but also affects our bodies as we are 80-something% water... So, not only to prove that, but to keep track of my own health, I'm keeping the moon phases and weather in mind for later!

To Manage an ED 

In the meantime, I'm also keeping track of my eating disorder/urges and factors that play in on how I feel on two apps called Moody and Jourvie... They also inspired the build of my logs! :D

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