The is the log and news update of the recovery and day-to-day life of Ari Schaffer as she grows mentally and spiritually in Christ. ragamuffin: 1) a ragged, disreputable person; tatterdemalion. 2) a child in ragged, ill-fitting, dirty clothes.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Cleaning up... 2/11/2019

Well not a whole lot happened today but I think what I did do was a huge achievement... *deep breaths...* So a big sign of my depression is I let my hygiene work fall apart... today I broke that cycle and I cleaned up... took a bubble bath, in essential oils too and then chilled before tackling my hair... After cuddling with Whisper a bit and watching my kitty on a comfy mattress, I finally tackled my tangled and quickly growing hair. Shaved the side of my head and brushed it out... now I love how it turned out!

Whew... so yeah... other than that, I did a few more graphics as well as posting some encouragement for myself on Facebook...And as Valentine's Day is on its way, I made a profile picture in honour of it lolz!

So here it is! Ye like?
Anyway, not much done save for those and doing whatever...Except that I hit my 1 year and a half mark that day after tomorrow! Thanx for reading this weird bit of news...

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